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Joining the Club gives you many opportunities to learn about your Golden Retriever - how to care for, train and groom him or her and enjoy your lives together from puppyhood to golden oldie.


Most importantly you join a special community where you can develop friendships with those who proudly share your passion for the breed.

The club is for all of us, whether your golden is a show dog or a much loved family pet, whether you are a breeder, a trial, obedience or agility person or a fun day person. So please support the club and our beautiful breed by becoming a member...the cost is less than a few coffees!

New members are always welcomed at our Club.


There are many benefits to joining the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia - 


> Invitation to exclusive events

As a member you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in events like fun and gala days, Shows, retrieving trials and grooming demonstrations.


Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions some events had to be put on hold temporarily but they are now resuming.


> Socialise with other members

Our Facebook Group "Friends of the Golden Retriever Club of SA" provides a forum to share photos, ask questions and stay up to date with the latest news from the Golden Retriever and wider dog world both in Australia and overseas.

> Members receive the bi-monthly Golden Era newsletter, packed with educational articles about canine health and research, training, behaviour, general care and news and lots of photos of our beautiful dogs.


  • Download the Membership Form. 

  • Fill out the form and send electronically to or post the hard copy to the Membership Officer at the address shown on the form.

  • Pay your Membership Fee by direct deposit (detail are on the form)


Pay your membership fee by Direct Credit to GRCSA bank account, Credit Card ( Visa or MasterCard accepted), Cheque or Money Order - all details are on the form.

The club newsletter, The Golden Era, will be sent to all members (with current email address) electronically.


If your contact details change please notify our Membership Officer as soon as possible so that your membership details can be updated and you won’t miss out on the benefits or your membership.

Membership Enquiries

Membership Officer

Pam Jones

Mobile: 0431 266 936

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