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Although these breeders have been members of the Club for the last two years, signed our breeders statement, the Club accepts no responsibility for puppies purchased through this listing.

The following Club breeders have puppies available from their litters:

  • Vicki Chyer of Pawsforus has a litter due towards the end of October.  Contact 0400 013 686


Breeders on the club listing are required to have a greater range of tests performed on both parents - non listed breeders may well have had all or some these additional health checks done on the parents - as with any breeder you should ask to see copies of the heart, eye and DNA certificates and hip/elbow scores for both parents if they have had these additional tests done.


The breeders listed in the below document are members of the Golden Retriever Club of SA and have been for at least the last two years.

It must be understood that the Club accepts no responsibility for listing breeders, it is simply a point of contact and not a recommendation.  The onus is on the purchaser to ask questions regarding hereditary testing and compliance with our Club's Code of Ethic

Be patient, do your research and put some effort into your contact with breeders - the wait will be worth it. Put in the time and effort and show your interest in the breeders and they will show interest in return to you.

For more information about how to talk to breeders click on the PDF below.

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