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The Golden Retriever Club is for everyone. 

Our club is the guardian of the Golden Retriever breed in South Australia, committed to preserving the breed and providing education to help owners obtain and care for healthy golden retrievers from reputable breeders.



1. Aims of the Club

  • To promote the Golden Retriever and the improvement thereof.

  • To educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors and judges to abide by the requirements of and standards for the Golden Retriever.

  • To promote and support competition in all practical ways and to hold exhibitions, and club events to promote the breed and responsible pet ownership.

  • To promote public interest in the Golden Retriever and in all ANKC sanctioned activities.

  • To promote good fellowship among those interested in the Golden Retriever.


These objects are to be achieved under the requirements of and in a manner consistent with both the Constitution of the Club and the Constitution of the DOGS SA, and any laws, by-laws of any relevant state or local government body and/or the Dog and Cat Management Board.



2. Standard of the Breed

The Breed Standard is a written criterion developed by the Golden Retriever Club of the United Kingdom and accepted by the ANKC which describes the perfect Golden Retriever. With this in mind members should breed to conform with the standard, always striving to produce a better dog.



3. SACA Registration

Each dog/bitch used for breeding or to be shown or worked must be properly registered with the South Australian Canine Association. All breeders must conform to the rules and regulations of the SACA and must maintain accurate breeding and litter records.



4. Breeding and Hereditary testing

All members’ breeding stock and any other stock used by them (such as Stud Dogs) must have completed the following hereditary testing PRIOR to any matings taking place.

  1. Have been DNA tested for PRA 1 & PRA 2, or is clear by parentage for one generation. Where a dog is a carrier for either PRA 1 or PRA 2 it will only be mated to a dog that is clear of the same PRA, to ensure there can be no affected puppies from the mating. In the case of frozen semen from an untested dog it is expected that the semen shall be used only on a clear bitch.

  2. Has been Hip & Elbow scored by an approved scorer under the ANKC CHEDS scheme, or in the case of frozen semen a recognised scheme by the kennel control in the country where the dogs resides. Breeders shall aspire to only breed from dogs/bitches that have a hip score equal to or lower than the breed average.

  3. Have a Clear Heart Certificate from a registered Veterinary Cardiologist specialist when the dog is resident in Australia.

  4. Hold a Clear Eye Certificate for Hereditary Cataract and PRA from a registered Veterinary Ophthalmologist that has been undertaken within 12 months prior to a mating. In the case of frozen semen the sire will have a current clear eye certificate at the time of collection of the semen.

  5. Members shall not allow any bitch owned by them to be mated under 18 months of age, or allow their stud dog to be mated to any bitch under 18 months of age.

  6. Breeders when evaluating the implications of a dogs health screening results, shall also ensure they give equal consideration to the important factors such as temperament, genetic diversity, conformation and general health of the dog when planning their litters.



5. General Health

Members should endeavour to maintain the best possible health and care of all their dogs/bitches, and to have their dogs/bitches regularly checked by their veterinarian. Any member found to have been guilty in a court of law of any charge relating to the health and welfare of any animal they own shall immediately be removed as a member of the club, and shall forfeit any future privileges or approval of membership.



6. Selling Puppies

Members shall not sell or donate puppies to retail, commercial or wholesale outlets, or for raffle prizes etc. They should endeavour to place their puppies in good homes and not be frightened to carefully ‘vet’ the prospective new owners, and supply them with sufficient information covering diet and care for the first twelve (12) months



7. Honesty in Representation

Members should represent their dogs/bitches as honestly as possible, and not use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising, nor denigrate other owners or breeders. Remember that the welfare of the breed comes before personal benefit.



8. Community Relations

Members should ensure that their dogs are not a nuisance to their neighbours or the community in general, and that they are properly supervised and controlled at all times, and are given basic behavioural training. They should also be registered with their local municipal council.



9. Sportsmanship

Members should show good sportsmanship whether winning or losing at any SACA sanctioned event, or club event, and in no way denigrate the dog or bitches or others.



10. Collection of Data Regarding the Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc. acknowledges the ANKC’s Code of Ethics Clause 4:“Members shall constantly strive to improve their knowledge of their chosen breed or breeds, and their knowledge of the requirements for the care, welfare and betterment of dogs. To promote the ideals of Clause 4 that the data and health screening results connected with your dog received by the club will be stored and where relevant used for registration and publication in relevant NGRBC/ANKC documentation. The data may also be used for research and shared with trusted and reputable partners for the sole purpose of undertaking research to improve dog health and welfare.”



In November 1971, 51 Golden enthusiasts held the inaugural meeting of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc.

In November 1996, 25 years later, the Club hosted the First National Golden Retriever Championship Show to be held in Australia. The Golden Retriever National Breed Council was established in 1995 at the instigation of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia.

Membership as at September 2021 reached 448, thus making this one of the largest Breed Specialty Clubs in South Australia. This number includes 79 volunteers with the Community Visitors Scheme.

  • Throughout each year the club holds a number of events including:

  • A Championship Show

  • Retrieving Trials

  • 2 Open Shows

  • A Restricted Obedience Trial

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