Cardiac Screening - Thursday 28th September 2017

Dr Richard Woolley will be conducting cardiac breed screening at Noahs Crossing Vet Clinic. If you need to book please call 85242260.

Breed Screening Cardiac Ultrasounds $260.00

This is a 2-dimensional echocardiography which allows a visualisation of a “slice” through the heart in real-time. This is then compared with normal values for the breed and size of the dog. Severe CHD, MVD, or DCM are able to be diagnosed through this technique.

Heart certification by auscultation $65.00

Essential part of examining your dog’s heart and circulation. Any heart murmurs are identified, timed, localised and graded (graded 0 – 6).

Noahs Crossing Veterinary Clinic 168 Hayman Road Lewiston

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